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May 20, 2019
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Tick Control

Tick Control and the Summer Connection

Unlike many other pests, ticks do not fly or jump. However, this does not stop them from getting from place to place rather quickly. The main reason for this is because ticks are good at hitching rides from larger animals, including humans. When it comes to hitching a ride on a host, ticks can be quite resourceful. Whether they latch onto a household pet or the clothes that you wear, if you go outside for extended periods of time during the summer, you are sure to bring some unwanted guests. Like bed bugs or mosquitoes, ticks can spread diseases. Tick control, especially in the summertime, is important to keep in mind.

Why Summertime?

Summer is the time when most pests, including ticks, come out of hibernation and become active. In fact, ticks can start moving around towards the end of spring, but summer is when ticks come out in full force. The reason for this is obvious; the temperature during the summer is much more conducive for most insects. This is why the tropics have such a wide variety of insect species. Just like humans, most animals and creatures function better in warmer weather. Hence, as soon as summer arrives, it is important to be on the lookout for ticks.

Where do They Live?

Once they make it into your home, ticks will immediately find hiding places. Some of the favorite places for ticks to hang out are:


  • Crevices and cracks found in your home
  • Door and window frames
  • Behind baseboards
  • Areas used by pets
  • On top of structures


How to Avoid Ticks

By remaining alert and understanding how ticks thrive, you can drastically reduce the chances of bringing them into your house. The following are some pointers to achieve tick control.


  • Avoid sitting on the grass
  • Avoid sitting on logs
  • Frequently mow the lawn
  • Frequently rake leaves
  • Clean areas where pets reside
  • If visited know tick-infested areas, immediately wash clothes


The Two Types of Ticks

Like mosquitoes and bed bugs, ticks are also blood-sucking creatures. There are two different types of ticks; hard ticks and soft ticks. Both are equally dangerous and will try to feed on humans as well as pets. In the wild, they will hang out on grass blades and even rooftops, waiting for the host to walk by. Ticks have a good sense of smell and will know when a suitable host is within reach. Consequently, they will fall off their perch and cling on to their host.

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If you have tick control or any other pest control problems on your mind, then it is time to get professional help. Surely there are products on the market today to help you with tick control, but it is better to get professional help and get rid of ticks once and for all. McDonald Pest Control can take care of tick control for you. Once you call us at (727) 734-0963, we will send our expert team to assess the situation and plan a specific tick control strategy.

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