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May 20, 2019
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Why Mosquito Control and Prevention are Necessary for Your Property

Why Mosquito Control Is Important

If you live in a house or apartment, you know that living with other unwanted guests, aka, pests, is a reality. Pest control, lawn treatment, and bed bugs can eventually become a problem. Then there is, of course, the persistent problem of mosquitoes. There are only two reasons why mosquitoes need to be eliminated; getting bit by them is a nuisance, but more importantly—they can spread diseases. In fact, it’s safe to say that most people do not know how much of a health hazard mosquitoes are. Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading malaria and yellow fever. Most people tend to just brush them off as obnoxious pests. Mosquitoes can also affect the health of pets, especially dogs. From all this, it is easy to see why mosquito control needs to be taken seriously by property owners and managers. For those of you who live outside of a city, such as the suburbs or the countryside, you know very well what it is like to live with mosquitoes. As soon as the sun goes down, the mosquitoes come out, and you end up having to go back inside. There are mosquito control methods you can adopt to be able to enjoy the outdoors again. The following are some easy mosquito control methods that can effectively manage the mosquito population on your property. All mosquitoes need a “home base” to operate from. Mosquitoes need water to reproduce. The fact is, even if there is only a thimble of water present, mosquitoes can reproduce in vast numbers. If water is not available, they will lay their eggs in moist soil, and the eggs will wait for the next rain to hatch and release the mosquito larvae.

Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in:

  • Swamps
  • Old plastic containers or tires
  • Plant pots
  • Gutters
  • Rain puddles
  • Ditches
  • Seasonal ponds

By keeping an eye on potential water sources and making sure water does not collect and remain, you can do a lot in terms of mosquito control on your property. However, these steps will only take care of the larvae. As far as adult mosquito control is concerned, there are other factors that need to be accounted for.

Controlling The Adult Mosquito Population On Your Property

During the daytime, adult mosquitoes’ nest on plants. Apart from sucking blood, they also feed on plant nectar. Therefore, if you have any vegetation on your property using a little pesticide on them will help. If there is any unwanted vegetation such as weeds, get rid of them. As far as insecticides for mosquito control, there are plenty of safe products available on the market today.

Contact McDonald Pest Control For Proper And Effective Mosquito Control

Although it is true there are plenty of mosquito control products you can use on your property, it is difficult to completely eliminate mosquitoes on your property by yourself. You need the help of professionals like McDonald Pest Control. McDonald Pest Control has been in the pest control business for years and we know what needs to be done for proper mosquito control. Give McDonald Pest Control a call today at (727) 734-0963 and let us begin eliminating mosquitoes from your property.