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Rodent Control

We offer multiple solutions for rodent & animal control. Our main goal is to determine how they are getting in so we can keep them out. Ask about our rodent trapping, removal and prevention programs and keep your home rodent free.


About Our Services

Rodent Removal


McDonald Pest Control specializes in rat removal. Our programs include trapping, removal and sealing the entry points. Having rodents in your attic is a health concern so don’t wait. If you are dealing with rodents or animals living in your attic, if you have any questions, contact our office now to request your free quote and start taking your home back today!

Rodent Proofing


Preventing and treating rodent infestations requires eliminating access points that allow rodents to enter your home and business. McDonald Pest Control offers complete rodent proofing, removal, and control programs. If you are experiencing a rodent activity in your home and need help keeping the rats out, Call our office for questions and get started today!

Rodent Control


Bait stations provide an effective control of large populations. Weather resistant baits used in tamper proof stations, also provide a long-term control. They are secure so a child or animal cannot open and can be placed in discreet locations around the perimeter of your home or business. If you have any questions, Call our office for questions and get started today!

Animal Removal


Wild animals can cause a tremendous amount of damage in your attics and underneath your homes. They can chew through wires and tear open holes in your A/C duct systems. McDonald Pest Control provides safe, effective live trapping and removal of Raccoons, Possums, Bats, and Squirrels. Call our office to schedule your service today.

One Year Warranty Pest Control


McDonald Pest Control is proud to offer a one year warranty with our rodent control programs. Our trapping, removal & proofing programs get rid of the rats and will keep them out. Our experience rodent control experts know what it takes to get your home rodent free. Dont wait to get your home back. Call our office for more information and get started today!

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