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Signs of an Ant Infestation In Your Home

An ant infestation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to establish an ant colony. But once established, it can bring about a great deal of trouble. That said, you can prevent an ant problem if you discover them early and take preventive action. But how do you do that?

Be on the lookout for these seven signs of an ant infestation.

1. You See a Few Ants

One of the common signs of an ant infestation is spotting a few ants roaming around the house. These could be worker ants searching for food sources or ants that stray away from the rest. If you see them often, it means they have a nest nearby.

Various ant species can invade your home. But the carpenter ants are common in wooden houses since they live inside the wood. A close examination might help you identify the type of ant. Carpenter ants are black and larger than other types.

2. Trails of Saw Dust

When you see wood shavings or sawdust in wooden structures, that’s a sure sign of carpenter ants. These ants build their nest in wood. But since they don’t eat the wood, they leave behind sawdust from wood burrowing. The longer you wait to destroy them, the more damage they’ll cause.

3. Piles of Dirt

Many ant species make holes in the ground and push out soil to make room. So, a pile of dirt outside your house can be a sign of ants in your home. They can make an ant nest in your backyard, then find their way into your house as they search for food sources.

4. Structural Damage

If you have a carpenter ant infestation, you’ll notice damage to the wooden structures. But some of the damage won’t be visible. You can detect internal damage by tapping on the wood. If it sounds hollow, that’s a warning sign of an ant infestation.

5. Discarded Wings

Male and queen ants usually develop wings. But when they move to a new colony or during their mating season, they shed their wings. As a result, you may notice discarded wings on the floor or window sills. If this becomes a common phenomenon, it’s best to call pest control services to perform an inspection.

6. Rustling Noises

During a quiet night, do you hear rustling noises inside the walls of your house? It could be ants moving from one side to another or carpenter ants burrowing through the wood.

These ants are usually active at night. So don’t ignore such sounds. Instead, take a close examination or call an ant control professional.

7. Crumbling Wood

Carpenter ants weaken wood structures to the point where they crumble once you touch them. They can also live in trees, especially dead ones. So, check for signs of weakness in nearby trees. Plus, remove any dead trees that are too close to your house.

How to Protect Your Home From Ants

When you see discarded wings or a few ants in your house, that’s a sign you could be having an ant infestation. Spraying them won’t solve the problem since they’ll keep coming back. The best way to get rid of the ants is to destroy their nest.

At McDonald Pest Control, we’re professional ant exterminators. We have many techniques to find the nest and kill all ants in the colony. If you see any signs of an ant infestation, don’t wait until they destroy your home. Call us immediately for a long-lasting solution.