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Ants in the Office—6 Sure-Fire Signs of an Ant Infestation

Seeing one or two ants in your office is something that should raise concern. This could be an indicator that you are bound to have a full-blown ant problem.

For a homeowner or business, early identification of an ant infestation is critical. Such signs can help you avert issues associated with sizable ant infestations.

Here are 6 signs that you might have an ant problem in your office.

1. Visibly Seeing Ants

If you see many ants in your office, this means you have a problem. Moreover, you might also come across ant nests in walls or other quiet, dark places that are more difficult to spot. Be vigilant of these pesky insects as they cause a lot of damage.

2. Rustling in the Walls

Apart from the visual cues, you might hear rustling sounds from within your office’s walls. Listen to the walls or wooden floors for unusual insect activity that’s specific to ant colonies.

If you notice any of the above noises, you may have a carpenter ant problem in your office. Tunneling done by carpenter ants can cause immeasurable damage to the wooden structures in your office.

Knock on the walls and floor to check if they have been hollowed. The wood being hollow is a sure sign of carpenter ants, and you should contact pest control services as soon as possible.

3. Ant Trails

Ant pathways, lines, and trails in and out of your office are a sign of an ant infestation. Ants leave a pheromone trail to a food source from their ant colony. As a measure of ant control, be sure not to leave food crumbs in your office to avert ant problems.

4. Debris, Sawdust, and Wood Shavings

Another sign of an ant infestation is when you come across debris in the form of sawdust or wood shavings in your office. You might detect piles of brownish dust from the wooden structures left by the ants as they burrow and chew.

Assuming there are no apparent reasons for such shavings, such as possible woodwork going on in your office, then you have an ant problem. You should contact a pest control company for ant control to stop further destruction.

5. Dirt Mounds

You may also come across piles of dirt on your office floor. If the dirt is in the form of a mound, this is an indication of an ant nest. Look in the dark corners of your office or damp, moist places.

Get in touch with a pest control company if you come across the above tell-tale signs.

6. Insect Wings on Windows or Vents

Some species of ants grow wings primarily during the rainy season and shed them when moving to a new ant colony. If you come across insect wings on windowsills or vents in your office, you probably have an ant problem.

Contact pest control services for an inspection and extermination.

Dealing with an Ant Infestation in Your Office with McDonald Pest Control

If you notice any or all of the mentioned signs of an ant infestation in your office, contact us at McDonald Pest Control. We offer several ant control methods targeting specific species. Let us help you stop an ant infestation.

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