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Remove Silverfish and Protect Your Property

Silverfish are tiny, silvery, wingless insects that have been around for over 400 million years. They are known to feed on starch, book glue, and line, as well as cellulose shampoos

Imagine cleaning your study only to find some pages of your rare book collection in tatters! How do you even explain that? Here’s the point, you could be dealing with a silverfish problem. Now, if this is the case, then you’ll need to act swiftly to prevent further property damage. Keep reading to find out how to get rid of Silverfish.

Silverfish Patterns

Knowing these insects’ habits is the first step in planning on how to get rid of Silverfish. Below is a list of their common patterns:

  • Silverfish are known to move very fast and can migrate from one building to another
  • Unlike most insects, these silvery insects undergo three life stages and can lay their eggs during any season in a year
  • Typically, these insects are nocturnal. However, they may stay active in areas with dark spaces
  • Silverfish are attracted to moisture. Therefore, you will likely spot them around kitchen sinks and bathrooms

Signs of a Silverfish infestation

  • Feeding marks such as holes on surface etchings
  • Black fecal matter (pellet-sized)
  • Seeing small, silvery insects crawling around damp areas such as your bathtub

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

1. Natural remedies

Diatomaceous earth—Diatomaceous earth is a grain-like substance that contains Silicon dioxide. There are two ways by which diatomaceous earth can kill Silverfish. First, by draining the fats and oils of Silverfish exoskeletons, or secondly, through instigating abrasion through exposure—causing these insects to dry up.

Cedar Shavings—Cedarwood comprises of natural pest repellents. Homeowners with closets made from cedar are shielded from the concern because it keeps Silverfish and even moths away from your clothes. You can buy cedar shavings at your local gardening supply store or online. Sprinkle these shavings both inside and on the outdoor area to repel these pesky insects.

Lavender essential oil—Lavender oil is known to keep out moths; insects that have similar habits as Silverfish making it an effective natural remedy. All you need is to mix one teaspoon of the essential oil with a cup of water and sprinkle it in the infested areas. Sprinkle this solution every three days when the oil’s scent begins to fade.

Cinnamon spice sticks—Cinnamon sticks are useful in only repelling Silverfish. You can place the sticks under sinks and other potential hiding places. One thing to note is that this spice can’t kill Silverfish, which means that these pesky insects can go to another building.

2. Insecticides

Several pesticides are useful in getting rid of Silverfish. These include:

  • Pyrethrin products such as Suspend SC and
  • Permethrin (Permethrin SFR)

Silicone Caulk to get rid of Silverfish

Another solution for your infestation problem involves the use of Silicone caulk and filling it on door and window cracks. Closing up these crevices is an excellent way of getting rid of Silverfish. You can purchase caulk at a nearby hardware store then use a silicone caulk gun to slather it around your house.

Setting sticky traps to get rid of Silverfish

Silverfish feed on carbohydrates such as rice, flour, and other cereals. Always make sure to seal containers with such food to avoid contamination. To set up a trap, you can use any of these foods as bait then stick masking tape around the lid opening.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a chemical typically used in manufacturing eye drops as well as insecticides. You may, however, buy it as a separate product in various forms and sprinkle it on the affected areas. Once the Silverfish ingest it, it poisons their organs and also causes abrasion on their exoskeletons. Remember, this chemical is also harmful to humans and pets. It’d, therefore, be wise to seek professional help from a pest control company to avoid making mistakes.

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