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What are the Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home?

Despite their tiny form, bed bugs are an insidious problem in the US. According to a 2018 Bugs Without Borders survey, these pests accounted for 97% of pest control service calls. Homeowners should seek professional bed bug treatment services if they notice even the slightest signs of bed bugs.

Quick Facts About Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are reddish-brown pests that feed on animal and human blood.
  • Female bedbugs lay about five eggs a week and lay almost 500 eggs in their lifetime.
  • They tend to feed at night, thus making it difficult to spot them.
  • In low-temperature conditions, bed bugs may survive up to a year without feeding
  • While they can be a cause for concern, current studies show that they don’t transmit diseases

Signs of bed bugs everyone ought to know

1. Itchy and Red Clustered Bites

Bed bug bites produce red marks that look similar to mosquito bites. However, a tell-tale sign of bed bugs is to look at the bites. You’ll notice that they appear in a cluster typically around the chest, face, and back areas and are extremely itchy.

2. Bloodstains on Beddings

Unless you have a wound, then waking up to bloodstains means that you might have a bed bug problem. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, so they’ll feed when you’re fast asleep. They tend to crawl slowly after feeding, so you will likely crash one when turning, just like bites, you need to confirm that the stains are indeed due to bed bugs and not mosquitoes.

3. Fecal Matter on Bedding and Couches

You should know that bed bugs can’t conceal their fecal matter. Therefore, if you spot dark feces that smudges when you attempt to wipe it, this is a clear sign of bed bugs in your home. You can also opt to take a sample to a company offering bed bug services for confirmation.

4. Musty Smell in Some Regions

A bed bug’s scent gland will release pheromones, which give off that musty odor. This smell is how bed bugs detection dogs can tell that you have an infestation. Note that the odor gets more potent if the infestation is at an uncontrolled stage. It’d, therefore, be best to refer to the other common signs of bed bugs mentioned above before the coming into effect of this odor concern.

5. Dried up Skin Around Possibly Affected Areas

Did you know that bed bugs go through five stages to transform into their adult form? For this to happen, they require space within their exoskeleton to grow. Hence why they shed their skin. You will find this dried up skin in their hiding spots such as on your mattress as well as wooden furniture.

Most times, when people complain about a possible bed bug infestation, among the first things a pest control company will ask you to do is check your bedding for light yellow shells.

6. Actual Bed Bugs

If you happen to see an actual reddish-brown insect, then it’s evident that you need to call an extermination company for bed bug treatment services. It would help if you also watch out for transparent looking insects. In their nymph stage, bed bugs appear transparent and only transform into their brown form after sufficiently feeding.

7. Asthma Attacks

Anytime a bed bug feeds, it typically leaves feces that contain high histamine levels. Histamine is a chemical that triggers allergies such as rashes and a runny nose. What’s worse is that it can trigger severe asthma attacks that may persist even after the bed bugs die.

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