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Best Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bedbugs are troublesome insects. Apart from the concern of sucking your blood, these pests are also difficult to find and eliminate. Even so, if you have a bed bug infestation, one treatment method is your best option to remove a bug nuisance, that being heat treatment.

Today in this guide, let’s look at heating treatment for bed bugs as a sure-fire pest control strategy for keeping your home insect-free. Lethal temperature treatment not only kills bedbugs but also destroys their larvae and eggs.

So, why is heat-treating the best pest management method to eliminate bed bugs? Read on to learn how this option helps get rid of a bed bug problem.

What Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Only one approach works best against a bed bug invasion—more so, when these insects are increasingly becoming resistant to chemical control. And that’s heating.

Heating treatment for bed bugs involves raising home or office temperatures to above 1200 F using special high heat equipment. Here, an exterminator sets these temperatures between 125-1400 F, commonly referred to as lethal temperature.

This kind of heat kills both adult bed bugs and the eggs on all types of infested items, including bed frames, in cracks and crevices.

Types of Heating Treatment for Bed Bugs

When you discover bed bugs in your home; you should swing into action immediately. The heating method you choose will primarily depend on the stage of infestation at the time of the discovery.

1. Whole Home Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are highly aggressive insects, and an infestation spreads like bushfire. By the time you see one bug along the sofa or bed frame, they have likely established a huge population. Whole room treatment is the approach of choice in cases of suspected or confirmed heavy bed bug infestation.

This approach describes a pest control service where pest management professionals use special equipment to heat the entire house for 6 to 8 hours at a temperature between 125-1450F. The heat kills the bed bugs and their eggs within 90 minutes of treatment.

The experts will keep heating the house for nearly 8 hours to ensure every corner, which can be a hiding ground for bed bugs, is reached. Temperature monitoring using remote thermometers helps you achieve excellent results in bed bug problem eradication and termite control without risking other home items.

2. Hot Boxes for Heating Treatment of Bed Bugs

Pest control is much easier when the infestation is limited to smaller areas like the travel bag or bedding. Since it doesn’t require comprehensive treatments like whole room heating, you can utilize hot boxes to eliminate the menace.

Available in multiple sizes, you can choose either a small or large hot box to kill bed bugs in a luggage bag or shelves, respectively. This method also works to supplement other prevention strategies of heavy (re)infestation.

3. Spot Treatment of Bed Bugs Using Steamers

Steamers release very hot vapor under high pressure. You can direct this pressurized steam to specific areas or surfaces such as bed frames and floorboards that are likely to harbor adult bed bugs and their eggs.

High heat and high-pressure steamers are more effective in reaching cracks and crevices where the bugs hide than low-pressure steaming machines. An exterminator should be sure to use the most appropriate equipment for the task they intend to carry out.

Why Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is Effective

Exposure to lethal temperatures for more than 90 minutes destroys insects’ proteins and DNA materials, rendering them dysfunctional.

Unlike pesticides and other pest management chemicals, heat can reach every blind spot in the home, minimizing the likelihood of re-infestation after the initial treatment.

On another note, with heat treating, disruption of your home arrangement is minimal. You may only need to remove items that can melt at 1200 F during the procedure. Electronics are safe since whole house treatment uses dry heat, and there’s a marginal risk of an electrical incident.

Heating also leaves no residual toxic effect. Children and pets, who are at the highest risk of poisoning following chemical treatment, can handle any objects in the house without any possibility of harm after heating to eliminate bed bugs.

For pest control, you can consider the services of experienced professionals who will ensure optimal treatment, including heating of cold spots.

Best Bed Bug Treatment in Pinellas, County

Comprehensive pest management goes beyond killing bed bugs, termites, and other insects with single heat treatment. McDonald Pest Control takes a multi-pronged approach of identifying sources of pests, instituting effective elimination mechanisms, plus implementing prevention strategies.

For pest control in Clearwater, please reach out to McDonald Pest Control. Our specialists are ready to take the bed bug menace out of your premises using up-to-date heating technologies and procedures.

To find out more or to request a quote for bed bug heat treatment in Largo or termite control, call us at 727-734-0963 now to schedule a free consultation.