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Common Summer Bugs in Florida

There’s a reason why Florida is called the Sunshine State; the summers here are outstandingly warm and perfect for outdoor activities. Unfortunately, humans are not the only ones that enjoy this warm weather. Various pests tend to emerge in hordes both outdoors and indoors and can spoil the summertime fun.

Here’s what you ought to know about common summer bugs in Florida and ways to prevent them from invading your property.

1. Termites

Drywood and Subterranean termites are a property owner’s worst nightmare, with the latter being the most damaging wood pests in the United States. The summer months increase the risk of infestation, as this is when termite colonies begin to expand.

Here are a few termite prevention tips:

  • Store firewood and any other exposed wood at least 20 feet away from your property
  • Repair leaking pipes and faucets
  • Eliminate moisture around the house, especially the foundation, to avoid creating a thriving environment

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most repulsive insects in Florida. They not only spread bacteria but can also cause allergy concerns. While there are more than 70 species, the most common summer bugs are the American cockroach, the Asian, and the German cockroaches.

The American and Asian cockroaches are outdoor pests. However, they won’t hesitate to creep through the garage for food. German cockroaches are more destructive and prefer to be indoors. The female cockroach only needs to mate once to give rise to an entire generation.

Here are a few prevention tips:

  • Store leftovers properly
  • Ensure you seal the garbage bin and clean it regularly
  • Seal all door, foundation, and wall gaps
  • Clean and vacuum the house regularly

3. Chinch Bugs

The Chinch bug is another pesky summer pest that is especially troubling to farmers. These silver-winged insects can cause immense damage to lawns by creating yellow patches on grass. We recommend calling pest management professionals immediately after noticing patches of dying grass.

4. Ants

Summer months mean more picnics and outdoor parties. Therefore it’s no surprise that ants are part of this list. There are various ant species you’ll likely spot in the kitchen or outside your home.

  • The odorous house ant. This brownish-black bug is attracted to sugary foods. So, your pantry will likely be a high target for these insects. Unfortunately, besides their awful smell when crushed, these ants also contaminate food.
  • Fire ants. Don’t let their tiny nature fool you. Fire ants are highly active red ants commonly found around homes and businesses. They love to nest in warm and dry areas and can produce colonies of more than 200,000 worker ants.
  • Carpenter ants. You’ll likely find these ants in residential areas. They tend to feed on exposed and damaged wood.

5. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are bloodsucking insects present throughout the year but highly active during summer. Also, they spread much faster during this season as more people are traveling. Therefore, we recommend checking your room and luggage before unpacking. Also, put all clothing items in the washer immediately after a trip.

6. Mosquitoes

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include mosquitoes. Mosquito bites leave red, itchy bumps on your skin that, if infected, can lead to health complications. In addition, mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases such as malaria and dengue.

Mosquito prevention tips:

  • Eliminate all standing water sources as this is where mosquitoes lay eggs
  • Routinely change water sources in pet feeding bowls and birdbaths
  • Use proper outdoor lighting

7. Ticks

Though not insects, these arachnids are harmful to you and your furry friends. They thrive in areas that have lots of vegetation and wood. So, they’ll typically stay close to frequented trails to find a host. The black-legged tick species are known to transmit Lyme disease, which manifests itself through fever, fatigue, and a specific skin rash referred to as erythema migrans.

8. Flies

Flies are also part of the common summer bugs that like to welcome themselves into your home, especially when there’s food. You’ll likely encounter two species, i.e., fruit flies and houseflies. Houseflies often enter homes to avoid the heat outside. Fruit flies, as the name suggests, love fruits because they provide an ideal breeding ground.

9. Stinging Insects

Most people dislike pests for their annoying nature. Another prominent concern is due to the frightening nature arising from stinging insects like wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. You’ll likely spot these insects around candies and flowers. They also inflict unpleasant stings that are often harmless unless you have an insect sting allergy.

Protect Yourself This Summer Season

While DIY pest prevention is beneficial, working with trained pest control in Clearwater can make all the difference. McDonald Pest Control provides complete pest control services, including mosquito control, bed bug treatment, and rodent control. Do you have a bug problem or want to take the best preventive measures? Call us at 727-734-0963 for immediate summer pest control services and to schedule a free consultation.