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Are Termites Active in the Winter?

The winter season provides relief for many homeowners because pests and other destructive animals tend to hibernate during these winter months. However, not all pests will take a break, leading to a relevant question: Are termites active in the winter? Keep reading to find out whether you will need to seek termite control services this winter.

Outdoor Termite Activity

Most people believe that termites are only active during the warm season. Unfortunately, this is not true. Usually, you will spot a termite colony in summer because that’s when humans spend most of their time outdoors. It is also easy to notice property damage in summer because of regular cleaning and yard work.

Well, here is some news for you. Termites are active in the winter. Due to their cold-blooded nature, termites tend to slow down their metabolism to help them withstand the cold temperatures. If the weather is below freezing, the Formosan and the Subterranean termites tend to dig deep in the ground, searching for warmth. In comparison, The damp wood and dry wood termite colonies nest in areas with wood such as stumps and firewood. Therefore, it would be best to store your firewood several feet away from your home.

Indoor Termite Activity

You ought to be concerned if termites are already inside your house. If you notice a colony in winter, it is likely because they have already invaded your property during the warm season. Once inside, they will remain active, and you are likely to observe considerable damage more so on your timber structures. If you notice damage or termites themselves, act immediately and contact a pest control service.

Do Termites Swarm During Winter?

Just because termites are active in winter does not automatically mean that they will swarm during the cold months. Though rare, it is still possible. Studies show that subterranean termites may start swarming just as the winter season is about to end. One thing to note is that ants also swarm during this period, and it could be challenging to tell them apart. For certainty, you may want to take a specimen and show it to a licensed pest control professional for identification.

Checking Your Home for Termite Activity

Since termites like to hide underground or within house walls, it can be challenging to spot them. Here are a few tips to help you check your house for termite activity

  • Start by examining the dark corners and hard-to-reach areas of your house, such as the attic
  • Check whether there are visible grooves on firewood or the wooden structures inside your house
  • Look around your yard for frass (termite excrement) on trees and other wooden material
  • Stand close to your house walls and try to listen for any unusual activity inside the tunnels
  • Look out for discarded wings. At the reproductive stage, termites come up the surface in a vast swarm to look for a mate. They later leave their wings before going back underground.

NOTE: It is easy to mistake winged termites for flying ants. Termites have straight antennae, and the wings are of the same length.

Let McDonald Pest Control Do What We Do Best

Florida homeowners face a greater risk of termite infestation. The reason being that outdoor termites will have no reason to hide underground because the temperatures are above freezing. Taking preventive measures makes a significant difference. Generally, property owners should schedule regular termites’ control and inspections.

Having served the residents of Clearwater for years, the McDonald Pest Control team can confirm that termites are active in the winter. Our staff is trained to eliminate your pest problem hence prevent property damage. We provide pest control services including rodent control, bed bug heat treatment, along with termites control in Largo. Take advantage of our special offers & coupons this holiday season. To request a quote, call us at 727-734-0963.