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Pantry Invasion

Stored Product Pests Invade More than Just Your Pantry

Stored product pests can be both disgusting and invasive for any homeowner in Florida.

Our homes can be infiltrated by what seems like a limitless number of pests. Whether it’s ants, termites, spiders, or anything else, all insects and pests are looking to find two things: shelter and food. Stored product pests are among the most common pest types found in a home, and what they want seems fairly clear by the name—they want the items from your pantry!
As our local pest control specialists know, the pantry isn’t the only place you might find stored product pests. Want to know the other major at-risk areas in your home, read on to find out.

What are Stored Product Pests?

For those unfamiliar, stored product pests include a diverse range of insects and pests that are commonly found infesting a pantry or other food storage areas. The term “stored product pests” is an umbrella term that can refer to:

  • Many species of moths
  • Many species of beetle – weevils, flour beetles, etc.
  • Specific breeds of mites

The term arises from the fact that all of these listed pests seek out common sources of food that are frequently found in a household pantry. Grain products, pet and animal foods, simple starches, and more are all common draws for stored product pests.

Where Else Might I Find Stored Product Pests?

More commonly than you might think, stored product pests can be found in areas outside of your pantry, or even your other common food storage areas. Why? Because all of these insects are after a plant or animal material of any kind. This means if a product was woven from a plant-based cloth (cotton, wool, or jute, to name a few) or uses dried grains decoratively (holiday wreaths, fall decor) then that object is at risk for stored product pests.

Once an item is infested, the best course of action is to call on a pest control team so that the issue can be handled quickly. Stored product pests are notorious for destroying favorite furniture, carpets, drapes, and personal items. It’s best to seek treatment same-day if possible, as the infestation will move fast and is likely to start spreading to other viable products.

Other objects that these pests might like include:

  • Items made of cotton, wool, jute, linen, and silk
  • Older books, especially those that use leather in the binding
  • Fertilizers including bone meal
  • Packing materials
  • Loose-leaf tobacco like pipe or rolling tobacco
  • Animal trophies, furs, pelts
  • The nests of other animals or pests, including birds, vermin, ants, and spiders
  • Old pharmaceuticals
  • Felt pads used on furniture

Why is This Information Important?

Knowing where to find stored product pests is the pest control team’s problem, right? Mostly true! However, it’s important for you to know where these pests may enter and reside in your home for two reasons. You can hopefully prevent the ingress of stored product pests by knowing what objects are at-risk for infestation. Also, because the treatment and removal of stored product pests will require the removal and destruction of all infested items. It’s important to know that while you may love that old moth-eaten sofa, if you don’t want anything else to get moth-eaten, the sofa has to go.

Prevent Stored Product Pests with McDonald Pest Control

Insect invaders of any kind are certainly unwelcome, and they present a lot of trouble for a Tampa or Clearwater homeowner. McDonald Pest Control has the comprehensive pest control solutions you need. Our extensively trained and seasoned pest control specialists will assess and solve your pest problems with stored product pests in no time.

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