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Mystery Bug Bites

How do You Safely Treat Mystery Bites?

Treating mystery bites caused by insects.

Pest infestations are alarming and stressful enough all on their own, even if you know what sort of insect or arachnid you are dealing with. The situation gets far worse when mysterious blemishes or bites begin to show up on your skin. How do you deal with mystery bites? What’s the best treatment?

Read on and learn your best course of action for treating mystery bites.

Identification is Key to Effective Treatment of Mystery Bites

Treating a condition without fully understanding what the condition is, is never recommended. Bites, and how they may harm you, differ greatly from pest to pest. This means that going ahead with a “cover-all” treatment could fail to help at best and exacerbate the issue at worst. To treat a mystery bite, you first must solve the mystery.

The Most Common Biting Insects

Here in Florida and Clearwater we don’t lack for bugs that bite or sting, which makes mystery bites a common problem. These insects and arachnids are the most common culprits:

  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Chicken mites
  • Fire ants

Some of these pests produce painful bites, some produce itchy bites – a good few produce both. Therefore, diagnosing mystery bites can be tough. A bed bug bite, for example, looks very similar to a mosquito bite and shares similar discomfort.

Medical Attention is Your Best Solution for Treatment of Mystery Bites

You may certainly find some measure of relief with painkillers suitable for your needs. We don’t recommend topical creams or anti-itch treatments. If the mystery bites are open, these creams can do more harm than good.

If you are experiencing discomfort from a mystery bite don’t try to self-medicate—go to your medical care provider.

Better to seek medical care and find out it was nothing to worry about than to seriously endanger your health out of stubbornness. Mystery bites can present a real threat to your body and skin! Plus, many medical professionals in our area are familiar with bites, which can help you to identify your mystery bites.

Useful Tips for Identifying a Biting Pest Infestation

If you’re set on figuring out what the pest present in your home is before calling a pest control team, here are some methods of finding the source of your bites:

  • Check bedding and fabrics – bed bugs and ants can take up residence in these places. If the infestation is big enough for you to be getting bites, you should be able to find the pests.
  • Inspect the pantry – Most pantry pests don’t bite under normal circumstances, but food stores are a common area for pests that predate on them to take up residence (spiders, mostly).
  • Set traps – sticky paper set throughout the home can help you to catch a specimen for identification.

Professional Pest Control is Your Best Solution for Long-Term Relief

Whether you’ve found your pest or not, you need to leave pest removal to the professionals. Pests that are the source of mystery bites are all notoriously stubborn and are likely to return if you haven’t completely treated the problem. The best means of treating mystery bites is to never get them, and no one knows pest prevention better than the professionals!

Need help dealing with mystery bites, and the pests responsible for them? Contact McDonald Pest Control. You can reach us online, or you can call 727-734-0963 to work with the best pest control team in Clearwater, Florida!