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Prepare your home for the new year by scheduling rodent control services.

Rodents are some of the most annoying animals we encounter in and around our homes. They steal our food, chew wires, shred clothes, and leave droppings all over. These gnawing creatures not only cause extreme frustration, but they can also inflict irreparable damage to property, and cause injuries, and disease.

The increased number of rodents in living spaces has heightened the demand for rodent control services. The fact that rodents consume or contaminate 20% of the global food supply underlines the severity of the problems they cause. Eliminating these animals from your home should be at the top of your 2020 plans.

Here’s why you need to work with rodent control experts in the coming year:

You may not Understand the Type of Infestation You’re Dealing With

Rodents create nests in hidden places, access your house through unnoticeable spaces, and move around your home fairly silently. These cunning tendencies can make it difficult to map the full extent of the infestation. A few sightings can lead you to believe that you just have to trap a few rats and get done with the problem. In reality, your home could be a fertile rat breeding ground, and by the time you realize this fact, the situation will have gotten out of hand.

Assigning the rodent management task to a professional is the best approach to tackling a rat menace. Specialists have the tools, skills, and knowledge to handle the pest control job. Through an inspection, they can identify the nesting areas, assess the severity of the situation, and decide what methods to deploy to curb the problem. You can always count on rodent control services to get to the root of the problem and ensure the pests don’t return.

Rodents Pose Serious Health Risks

When dealing with rodents, care and caution need to be taken. Rats and mice can bite and scratch, and their droppings can spread disease. Rodents and the parasites they harbor can, directly and indirectly, transmit numerous diseases. Some of these illnesses are life-threatening, such as the Hantavirus, the Bubonic plague, and Leptospirosis.

When trying to eliminate rodents, you may touch their droppings or urine unknowingly, get bitten by parasites like fleas, or come into contact with rodent saliva when the animal bites. You may also touch the blood when getting rid of a dead animal. A rodent control technician knows the safest approach to find and remove rats and mice from your living space. As an added benefit, you will finally have peace of mind and rest comfortably knowing the rodent infestation has been removed.

Rodents Destroy Valuables

If you think the rat you occasionally see is just after scraps, you are wrong, and such a misjudgment can cost you financially. Rats and mice not only steal food, chew through wires, and ruin clothes, but they have they also gnaw on wood. When a significant number of rodents nest at your place, they could compromise the structural integrity of your home through years of uninterrupted chewing on your house’s wooden parts.
Rodents are also known to eat through cable covers and expose wires. This can ignite fires or damaged appliances. To protect your property, rely on professional rodent control services, and schedule regular inspections.

Delays will not only lead to costly elimination procedures, but you will also be responsible for expensive repairs to your home.

Do-it-Yourself Doesn’t Always Do the Trick

Eliminating a rodent infestation demands more than traps and closing entry routes. Even if you are a DIY enthusiast, you may fail to identify crucial factors that are driving the infestation. You may manage to stave off the menace for a short time, but they may be back shortly. Professional rodent control services deploy multi-pronged techniques to quickly and permanently lock rodents out of your home.

First, the exterminators inspect your home and then create an elaborate plan to quell the infestation. One of the most effective methods used today is the rodent exclusion strategy. This is where an expert investigates what is attracting rats to your house, identifies all their entry points, and then finds the best ways to shut off these spaces. It also involves using building materials that can withstand pests in the long term.

What to Know Before Hiring a Rodent Control Service

Not all pest control solutions are created equal. Some specialize in rodent control services, others handle insects, while others tackle bed bugs. Before calling up any professional, take your time, and consider your options. If you are dealing with the menace of rodents and large pests such as raccoons, work with a professional who has expertise in all these areas.

Contact McDonald Pest Control for Comprehensive Rodent Control Services

If you need a pest management specialist who offers bed bug heat treatment combined with rodent extermination, look for an expert who has experience in both rodent control and bed bug services. Most importantly, work with a knowledgeable pest technician who has a good reputation, who offers long-lasting solutions, and gives guarantees. To get rid of any pests in your house and prevent a future resurgence, schedule a professional service with McDonald Pest Control today!