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Here are some tips to prepare your home for mosquito season.

Mosquitoes do more than just cause annoying “buzzing sounds” while you sleep. They can also spread infectious diseases such as the West Nile virus, which has caused hundreds of deaths over the past 20 years. Preventing the itchy bites caused by mosquitoes is reason enough to take precautions.

The reality is that these pests can cause you and your family sleepless nights if not kept under control. Knowing how to prevent mosquitoes can help you reclaim your home and avoid falling victim to infectious diseases.

Understanding the Mosquito Season in Florida to Prevent Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love two things: a warm temperature and rainfall. Tropical climates are particularly susceptible to mosquito infestations, especially during spring and summer. However, mild winters have also become hot zones for mosquitos. Certain parts of Florida only experience cold temperatures for a few days in the winter season.

Whenever the climate gets warmer and rain begins to fall, outside conditions become ideal for mosquitoes. Furthermore, mosquito control is more challenging to achieve because of swampy areas, expansive vegetation, gutters, and seasonal pools of stagnant water (such as ponds). Mosquitoes tend to lay eggs in such areas and rapidly increase in number over short periods.

Preventing Mosquito Invasions

Successful mosquito control on your property is a comprehensive process. You need to pay attention to detail, work with the right pest control service, and take care of your outdoor space.

1. Invest in Bug Screens

Open windows can be a recipe for disaster in the warm Florida climate. If you’re letting fresh air inside your home, use mesh screens with small openings that can keep the bugs outside. This allows air to flow freely while keeping the annoying mosquitoes out. You may also consider covering up outdoor spaces such as porches and balconies, especially during the wet season. Seal the edges of your screens and cover up any damaged sections on a regular basis.

2. Eliminate Stagnant Water

Mosquitos love stagnant pools of water. If your gutters are blocked, your garden is swampy, or you have plastic containers around your property, these areas can turn into the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Consider eliminating areas where water tends to accumulate. Clean your garden often and drain areas where water tends to accumulate. If you have a pond or ditch near your property, a pest control service can help you treat these areas to kill mosquito larvae.

3. Use Fans for More than Just Remaining Cool

Outdoor fans are excellent options for controlling mosquitoes. They circulate air and create a breeze that reduces mosquito movement towards your home. Furthermore, fans help disperse carbon dioxide, which is the indicator that mosquitoes use to find you as you’re hiding underneath your blanket at night. Studies show that fans can reduce the number of mosquito lands by as much as 65%, as opposed to the smooth steady breeze that these pests love. Fans create strong gusts of air that mosquitoes can’t tolerate.

4. Keep your Garden Under Control

Wet and warm weather can make you slack off on yard work. However, having dense plant growth, weeds, and bushes can create the perfect environment for mosquitoes. Vegetation provides cool areas where mosquitoes can hide and lay eggs. Furthermore, mosquitoes feed on nectar, and they’ll keep their stomachs full of your blood and plants.

You can significantly reduce mosquito populations by keeping your garden under control. Reduce dense vegetation and allow the Sun to penetrate into wet spots.

5. Hire a Reputable Pest Control Service

With the tips mentioned above, you can make your home fully mosquito-proof by working with the right pest control service. Professionals know the best pesticides to use, how to set up fans, and how to eliminate larvae. Furthermore, you can access additional services such as heat treatment and bed bug control.

Contact McDonald Pest Control to Prevent Mosquitoes

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