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April 8, 2019
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What Attracts Termites in Clearwater

For those of you who live in more humid climates know that termites are also attracted to humid places. However, what attracts termites to your house is more complicated than just a humid climate. The following is a list of reasons of what attracts termites to buildings and homes.

1Debris Near the Building
Always keep the area surrounding the building as clean as possible. This includes making sure there are no cardboard pieces, newspapers, chopped firewood touching the house. These types of items are some of the favorite foods of termites. Not only that, but if the debris has physical contact with the house the termites will use it as a conduit to get into the house. If there is debris in addition to a large amount of moisture, you can be sure this is what attracts termites the most.

2Gardening Practices
The next item on the list as far as what attracts termites is using too much mulch. Sure, mulch looks good around plants, but if there is a large amount the termites will also like it. The best thing to do is to treat the soil with termiticide after the mulch has been put around the plants. What attracts termites to mulch is its moisture retaining qualities and protection from temperature extremes. In fact, this is true of any type of mulch and stones that are used in gardens.

3Keep an Eye on Vents
If your house or building has vents, these should be periodically checked to make sure there are no obstructions. Ideally, for every 150sq/ft of crawl space area there should be one vent. If the vents are blocked by debris or vegetation, the moisture will increase. Moisture increase is what attracts termites without fail. If you have questions regarding vents, then you should consult with professional pest-control experts. They can assist you with the best practices for dealing with moisture control, as well as installing vents and vapor barriers.

It Gets Complicated

The truth is buildings and houses are complex, complicated creations. Even though we have examined some of the most common reasons behind what attracts termites, the problem is that there are many other factors. Most homeowners will either not have the time or knowledge to find out what attracts termites, much less, how to deal with them. Even a small building will have countless places where termites can invade and enter. In a place like Clearwater, Florida there are high average humidity levels and pest control can quickly become a headache. Even if the house has been treated once before for termite infestation, it never hurts to do another inspection and bring things up to date.

Seek Professional Help

If you live in the Clearwater area and need professional help for pest control, then it is time to call the knowledgeable and experienced folks at McDonald Pest Control. You will find out what attracts termites and how to get rid of them. McDonald Pest Control is your one stop shop for all things pest control, not only termites. You can contact them at (727) 734-0963 and a friendly staff member will help you towards making your home pest free.