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Even though it’s winter, rodent removal may still be necessary…

Rodents are similar to humans in the fact that during the winter months, they’re doing their best to shelter themselves from the cold. Unlike us, rodents can’t slip on several layers of clothing or crank up the heat to help them stay warm. This makes your house a very inviting place to be during the winter. Worst of all, rodents will stop at nothing to get inside your home.

What can you do to stop rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels from invading the sanctity of your home, contaminating your food, and exposing you to bacteria and possibly even disease? Rodent removal and prevention isn’t as tough as it sounds, but it does take a bit of resilience on your part. Let’s explore some of the most effective techniques that you can use for effective winter rodent control.

Set up Several Humane Rodent Traps

The first step you can take toward rodent control is to initially prepare for any of these creatures that may be able to weasel (no pun intended, since that’s a mammal) their way inside. Although many homeowners might reach for the traditional mousetrap, there are actually humane models available that allow for rodent removal without the violence or messy cleanup.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Closed

Rodent removal won’t even be necessary if you can simply keep them out of your home in the first place. This means leaving your doors and windows open where they can simply stroll inside is definitely something you want to watch out for. Even though it isn’t likely that something larger like a squirrel is going to get past you unnoticed, rats – and especially mice – can sneak right in.

Don’t Leave Food Out in the Open

In addition to staying warm, rodents will attempt to sneak inside your home because they’re hungry and can smell your food. This is a huge concern over the holidays when many households are filled with tasty meals and snacks on any given day. To make your kitchen and other areas less attractive, don’t leave food out in the open, wipe off countertops on a regular basis, and take out the trash as soon as it’s full.

Inspect Your Home and Seal Damaged Areas

Every home has air leaks, most notably around the edges of their doors and windows. This can provide an easy entryway for rodents, particularly mice, which can already squeeze themselves through small areas and tight spots. Inspect every inch of your home that may be prone to this type of damage, and then fix any problem areas with either caulking, spray foam, or weather-stripping, depending on the location and size.

Get Festive and Spray Peppermint Oil

Whether you have a rodent problem during the holidays or afterward, investing your time into spraying peppermint oil around your home is definitely worth it. Peppermint oil is a natural rodent repellent that smells pleasant and festive. This won’t help you with any rodents that have already found their way inside, but it will keep any outdoor invaders where they belong.

Remove Vegetation and Trim Branches

Vegetation found around your home can serve as conduits to the inside. For instance, bushes and plants next to your foundation provide the perfect cover for rats and mice to sneak in while branches hanging over your roof may allow squirrels to gain access. To prevent these incidents, move vegetation at least three feet away from your foundation and trim overhanging branches.

Don’t Forget About Protecting Your Garage!

It’s imperative you keep rodents out of your garage so that they don’t use it as a stopgap on their way into your home. Mice and rats have been known to crawl up into a vehicle’s engine to stay warm and then chew through wires while they’re in there. Walk the perimeter of your garage to ensure there are no holes and place runner sweeps at the bottom of the garage door to fill the gap.

Call a Rodent Pest Control Team

Even though there are steps that you can take for rodent removal and prevention on your own, you should definitely consider working with a professional. Not only will they be able to accomplish the task quickly, but you will also receive a guarantee that the job is done to your satisfaction. If any rodents appear again soon after, the pest control company will immediately rectify the situation.

McDonald Pest Control Will Eradicate Your Rodent Problem

Rodents can be damaging to your home and hazardous for your health, which means it’s important that you eliminate them right away. McDonald Pest Control has years of experience with all types of pests, so if you are in need of rodent control, a bed bug heat treatment, or any other form of pest elimination, contact us today at (727) 734-0963.