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Best Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs

If you are a homeowner or property manager, you know too well about bed bug problems. They are the tenacious little critters that manage to find their way into the house and then make furniture for their new home. Bed bugs generally only come out at night time to do their business, which is sucking blood from whoever is occupying the bed or sofa. Other than small welts on your skin, they leave behind only a small trace of their existence, which can make it difficult to find them. However, with a little care and attention, it is possible to stop bed bugs from moving in. The following are some tips to prevent bed bugs.

1Identify Bed Bugs First
Before talking about tips to prevent bed bugs, the first order of the day is to be absolutely sure you have a bed bug problem in the first place. It’s not unusual for people to confuse ticks, fleas, or mites for bed bugs. If there are blood stains on sheets, and you notice small rusty colored round circles on your skin, then you are most likely dealing with bed bug infestations. They also set off an unmistakable odor. Adult-sized bed bugs will have oval-shaped, flat bodies and will be dark red colored.

2Know Their Hiding Places
Bed bugs cannot thrive without good hiding places. The more cluttered the house is, the more they will find a place to hide. Mattresses should have encasements on them to prevent them from moving in. Ideally, the encasement should be left on the mattress for at least a year.

3How Bed Bugs Travel
A favorite way bed bugs like to transport themselves is on suitcases. After coming back from a trip, you should vacuum bags and suitcases that were taken on the trip. This is because hotels are notoriously infested with bed bugs, and they will hitch a ride on the bags to your property.

4Be Cautious of Used Furniture and Items
You may have found a great deal on furniture or clothes at a garage sale or a second-hand store. If you buy anything that is used, then be sure to give it a good cleaning before bringing it onto your property.

5Keep Pets Clean at All Times
One of the best tips to prevent bed bugs is to keep an eye on the areas where pets sleep or sit around for long periods of time. Cats and dogs are a favorite way for bed bugs to hitchhike from the outside into the house.

6Keep Bedding and Areas Around Bedding Clean and Clutter Free
This one may seem obvious as far as tips to prevent bed bugs are concerned, but keep the bed, the area surrounding the bed and all the things you put on the bed as clean as possible. Vacuum underneath and around the bed regularly. Wash and dry bed sheets and blankets as often as possible. Stuffed animals like teddy bears that may be kept on the bed need cleaning as well.

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Although doing your part can go a long way in pest control, including pest control Clearwater, it is best to consult with professionals like McDonald Pest Control. They can give you the best tips to prevent bed bugs from making your home their home. For those of you, looking for professional bed bug services Clearwater, then give McDonald Pest Control a call at (727)734-0963 to schedule an appointment today.