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Why You Should Seek Winter Pest Control Services This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here! A time when loved ones reunite. It’s also when we fill our fridges with our favorite casserole dishes and stock up on firewood. Winter is here, and you know what that means. You probably want to snuggle in bed to keep yourself warm but guess what! You are not the only one. Pests such as ants, roaches, and rodents are also looking to keep themselves cozy, and your home may be their ideal escape.

It’s for this reason that you should schedule winter pest control services to pest-proof your home just as the holiday begins.

Pest Behavior During Winter

1. Ticks

There’s a widespread belief that ticks don’t survive in winter. However, according to experts, only 20% of the tick population dies during winter. The rest have ways of staying warm, with some species being more resilient. In winter, ticks will either find a host and remain dormant or burrow underground to keep warm. For instance, the deer tick will continue to remain active as long as the temperatures are above 0 °C. This species should worry you because it’s a carrier of Lyme disease.

2. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny nocturnal pests that are highly sensitive to cold. Therefore, they’ll migrate indoors in huge numbers during winter. These insects can be hard to detect, and once they are inside your home, they stay active all through.

Note that bed bugs can live for close to 400 days without food. During winter, your house provides the ideal hideout. From bulky winter beddings to thick clothing, these items provide the right environment for these pests. If you notice signs of a bed bug infestation, it would be best to reach out to pest control services for bed bug heat treatment.

3. Roaches

Cockroaches are the type of pest that can ruin a holiday in an instant. Picture yourself walking into the kitchen for a midnight snack only to find these critters all over the counters and cabinets.

In winter, they may slow down their growth and metabolic rates, a process known as diapause. Some of the species that may invade your home in winter include oriental cockroaches, brown-banded and American cockroaches. These insects are a nuisance, so if you happen to spot one, you need to take action immediately, before the infestation spreads throughout your home.

4. Termites

Termites remain active all year round and can have a considerable adverse impact on property. The subterranean species will survive winter by digging very deep in the soil to insulate themselves. Once indoors, the temperatures allow them to work all year round, creating colonies inside your home.

5. Moths

Typically, most people fail to notice a moth infestation until they take out their warm clothes from storage only to find holes. If this happens, you may have two unwanted guests: case-making clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth.

At the larva stage, these insects ravage all sorts of animal fibers. You will therefore notice damage on rugs, sofas, and wool clothing. They tend to hide in dark areas. As a preventive measure, you could store your winter clothes in sealed boxes and regularly clean the hard-to-reach areas.

6. Ants

It’s common to spot ant trails during winter, especially around your kitchen floors and bathroom walls. Note that ants are very organized. Therefore, if you spot an ant trail, this is a sign that the foraging colony is inside your house. However, the main colony is outside but close to your house. It, therefore, becomes difficult to eliminate your ant problem if left unnoticed for too long.

McDonald Pest Control Has Got Your Back for Winter Pest Control!

Winter pests don’t take breaks. These pesky critters can frustrate homeowners and possibly ruin celebrations. Not to worry, because McDonald Pest Control is here for you. Our pest control services include termite control, lawn spraying, and bed bug heat treatment. Give us a call at 727-734-0963 to request a quote and learn about our special offers and coupons!