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How To Keep Insects Out of Your House

Due to the humid weather in the Sunshine State, it’s not surprising to see bugs trying to make your home their shelter. These include bed bugs, silverfish, mosquitoes, and termites. These types of pests are annoying and carry significant health and financial risks. For example, mosquitoes spread diseases, and some people suffer allergic reactions to bed bug bites. The best thing you can do is take preventive measures. Here’s how to keep insects out of your house:

1.     Use Natural Predators

This method is perhaps the simplest way to keep your home pest-free. Insect-eating birds can contribute to your pest control efforts; you only need to provide them shelter, food, and water. Cardinals and Flycatchers help exterminate flies and ants, whereas Purple Martins can help reduce the mosquito population.

2.     Protect Your Foundations

Foundations are the areas of your house closest to the earth, making them an easy entry point for pesky bugs like termites, spiders, and ants. Keep your foundations dry at all times and fill any spaces along the siding joints. Consider treating the area with boric acid. However, contacting a pest control company would be best if you suspect these insects are already inside.

3.     Secure the Garbage

Your trash can be a feast for ants, cockroaches, and other bugs, so you must store it properly and use a secure lid. Avoid open wastebaskets throughout your home and ensure to empty indoor trash daily. Lastly, always clean up spills immediately and scrub and sanitize the trash cans weekly.

4.     Reduce Clutter Inside and Around the House

A cluttered home is a massive attraction for bugs. So if you are wondering how to keep insects out of your house, start by removing the clothes pile that’s been sitting for months! Next, you want to clear the debris in your yard. Rake the leaves, clear out old mulch, and remove fallen tree branches.

Outdoor maintenance also includes removing standing water in your yard, which is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. A few hacks include clearing thatch buildup and drainage maintenance, i.e., ensuring debris-free gutters. Additionally, changing the water in the birdbaths at least twice a week would be best.

5.     Do Not Leave Food Out

Leaving food unprotected is one way to make insects invade your home since you’ll practically be inviting them to dinner. Keep all items, including pet food, in sealed containers, and clear crumbs and spills off surfaces. Also, if you have pets, don’t forget to store food and water bowls away once your furry friends are done eating.

6.     Seal All Openings

You would be surprised by the various entry points that would make it a breeze for insects to enter your house. Examine the windows and doors, crown molding, and air vents. Install steel thresholds and add a door sweep to keep bugs from entering through your door. Remember to add weather-stripping to door frames and seal joints with clear caulk.

As for large openings like the vent and chimney, you’ll want to add a hardwire cloth. This wire mesh will help keep raccoons and other crawling pests out of your home.

7.     Install Screens

Summers in Florida can get quite hot, and we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to keep your home ventilated. Unfortunately, keeping the windows open gives insects an entrance into your home. Consider installing 20-mesh window screens to prevent bugs from sneaking in. Also, ensure you keep these screens in good condition and immediately fix the tears.

8.     Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is a valuable household item that does more than just clean surfaces. This ingredient repels ants, mosquitoes, and spiders. Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle to create this DIY insect repellent. Spray the solution indoors and around the home, paying particular attention to the entryways.

9.     Keep Firewood Away from the House

Wood attracts termites, and if you’re a homeowner, you must know how damaging these pests can be to structures. Additionally, wood serves as a great hiding spot for beetles and snakes. Therefore, storing firewood at least twenty feet away from your house in a dry area is best. Use pallets to allow airflow and avoid pesticides, as they could produce toxic fumes.

10. Try Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent alternative to pesticides and is therefore safe to handle. It works by sucking out the moisture from insects’ exoskeletons and habitats. As for application, use a duster with a nozzle to pour it along paths and around the base where you have kept the houseplants.

11. Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil is excellent at repelling critters thanks to its distinctive scent. Take the oil and mix it with water in a spritz bottle, then spray it on entryways and other problem areas. Alternatively, you could dab the oil on cotton balls and place them around the house, particularly around entry points.

12. Do Not Bring Second-Hand Items Inside the House

While buying second-hand furniture and clothing might be tempting, you must consider the risk of bringing bed bugs inside the house. It’s best to avoid these items. As an additional preventive measure, wash your clothes and bags immediately after a trip.

How To Keep Insects Out of the House: Contact McDonald Pest Control

Keeping your home clutter-free, sealed, and using natural pest control are good hacks to keep your home insect free. Sometimes these methods don’t suffice, and that’s when you should bring out the big guns. McDonald Pest Control provides effective pest control services for residential and commercial buildings. Whether you need to get rid of bed bugs or termites, you can count on us for personalized treatment options.

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