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What are some common ways people accidentally pick up bed bugs?

If there’s one insect that truly gives cockroaches a run for their money when it comes to the “ick” factor, it’s bed bugs. Just consider the fact that these insects act like tiny vampires as they feed off your blood.

When bed bugs appear in your home, their origin is often a mystery. In fact, you may have asked yourself, how do people get bed bugs? The answer can sometimes be a bit difficult to track down, but there are several sources that you should be aware of.

This knowledge will give you a better chance of preventing bed bugs from entering your home.

Purchasing Used Furniture

Since bed bugs are typically found in beds and other types of furniture, it should be no surprise used furniture can sometimes present a problem. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly inspect any piece of furniture being brought into your home. If you suspect there may be a problem or would like to be especially cautious, hire a professional for a bed bug heat treatment before moving it inside.

Public and Private Transportation

When asking how people get bed bugs, many are surprised when they learn that these tiny insects can be found in such things as cars, trucks, and SUVs. They get there by crawling into a person’s clothing, a bag of some sort, or another kind of item and then slipping off into the creases of the seat. Therefore, it’s important to quickly inspect yourself after using public transportation such as a bus or privately via taxi or Uber.

Hotels, Motels, and More

The first thing to remember is that the existence of bed bugs has nothing to do with cleanliness. This means that if you’re staying at a hotel, motel, Airbnb, or some other type of place while traveling, you should always inspect the bed and any other furniture when you arrive. It’s also a good idea to check online reviews to see if anyone has mentioned bed bugs. If you’re especially concerned, feel free to ask about their bed bug prevention and inspection process.

Nearby Homes or Apartments

Many people will rack their brain trying to figure out exactly what they did or where they went that would explain the existence of bed bugs in their home. The truth is, however, that they could be coming from your neighbors. This is especially common in apartment buildings where people live right next to each other, which explains why certain states have laws that require landlords to notify tenants when bed bugs have been found.

Visitors to Your Home

The presence of bed bugs in your home often has nothing to do with you or any of your household members. Instead, bed bugs get inside by hitching a ride any person’s clothing or other items and then fall off once inside. Since you probably don’t want to frisk everyone as they enter your home, you should always do a quick inspection of any furniture that they used once they leave, especially if they stayed overnight.

Outdoor Animals and Pets

Proper bed bug prevention is often about our pets and other animals rather than humans. Bed bugs will sometimes latch onto animals they encounter and then fall off once they get into your home. One way you can help prevent this is through lawn treatment that focuses on trimming down excess growth such as large bushes where bed bugs can find refuge, along with the removal of water sources that may attract them to your property.

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