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May 30, 2020
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How to exterminate bed bugs with heat treatment.

There was a point several years ago when the threat of bed bugs seemed to wane for quite a long time, and you didn’t really hear a lot about them. Unfortunately, these blood-sucking creatures came back with a vengeance and we’re once again discussing the immediate need to exterminate bed bugs before they get out of hand.

McDonald Pest Control in Largo utilizes the most effective bed bug treatment available on the market, which involves the use of heat to kill them in all stages of their lifecycle. Let’s explore how this treatment works and what you can do to prepare beforehand to ensure everything goes perfectly.

Importance of Scheduling Bed Bug Services

If you’ve never had bed bugs before, consider yourself lucky. These blood-sucking insects get into your furniture, primarily your bed, and come out at night to feed. While some insects can be dealt with through do-it-yourself solutions prior to the onset of a full-on infestation, bed bugs are more difficult to handle because of their ability to squeeze into very small places and stay hidden. Even if you only have a few bed bugs present, they can quickly multiply and spread throughout your property.

How Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works

McDonald Pest Control provides exemplary bed bug services with the use of heat, which is the most effective method available. During this process, heaters are used throughout your home to raise the temperature to a degree these insects cannot withstand. Since the entire house is affected, this will kill all bed bugs and their eggs no matter where they try to hide. This is the main reason heat treatment is so much more effective than chemicals.

All You Need Is a Single Day Treatment

Pest control services provided by some companies use chemicals as a way to exterminate bed bugs. Although this method has worked in the past, it often takes multiple applications because the chemicals aren’t able to reach bed bugs that are squeezed into tight spaces, nor does it affect their eggs. Since intense heat is so effective as a bed bug treatment, the job will be completed in a single day.

Remove Items Prone to Heat Damage

Heat treatment is safe, but there are a few items that you should remove just to be sure. When you employ our services, we’ll go over the full list, but these include houseplants, candles, fruits, vegetables, medication, melt able foods, and pressurized containers. Also, in addition to people not being allowed in the house during the process, you must also remove any pets, including fish.

Preparing Your Home for the Treatment

In addition to removing certain items from your home because of their susceptibility to heat, you’ll also want to move any loose items to another location. This is because large fans will be placed around your home so that the heat can be distributed more evenly and more quickly. If you have any loose paper, glass items, wall-mounted items, desk photos, or anything like that, put them away for safekeeping.

Don’t Worry – Your Electronics Are Safe

Since electronics are typically high-priced items, many homeowners are concerned with them being damaged during the heat treatment. The equipment used by McDonald Pest Control shuts off at 135 degrees while the normal operating temperature of electronics is between 120 and 180 degrees. This means your devices will be perfectly safe, but you’re more than welcome to remove them if you’d like.

McDonald Pest Control Provides Top Notch Bed Bug Control in Clearwater

It’s imperative that you exterminate bed bugs as soon as you’re aware of their presence on your property. McDonald Pest Control utilizes a guaranteed bed bug treatment that will get rid of these pests right away. To learn more about our heat treatment services, contact us by calling (727) 734-0963 to schedule a no-cost consultation.