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May 22, 2020
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June 12, 2020

Why is heat treatment the most effective beg bug removal treatment?

With stay-at-home orders becoming common throughout much of the nation, many are seeking out socialization wherever we can find it. However, we draw the line at allowing bed bugs to “shelter in place” as they take refuge in our homes.

Over the years, there have been a variety of methods introduced to provide pest control services against these blood-sucking bugs in Clearwater Beach and other Florida locations, but none have been nearly as effective as the use of heat.

Let’s discuss why bed bug heat treatment is the most effective bed bug treatment available.

A Single Treatment Does the Trick

Traditional bed bug treatments involving chemicals are often not fully effective with a single treatment, which can extend the infestation by a couple of weeks or more because a second appointment will need to be made. This is because the chemicals may not reach all the cracks and crevices where the bugs are located and may not kill the eggs, either. Heat, on the other hand, will kill all of the bed bugs in a single visit by increasing the temperature throughout the entire home.

All-Natural Bed Bug Solution

The truth is simple – when it’s possible to avoid the use of chemicals, that’s always the better choice. Chemicals that are used during a bed bug treatment are harmful to the environment and ecosystem, especially since chemicals often linger. A bed bug heat treatment is one of several all-natural pest control services that won’t have any negative impact on the environment or your household.

Safer for Children and Pets

Whenever any type of chemicals are used for pest control, you must be aware of possible exposure to household members, especially children and pets that might not understand the need to stay away from them. While it’s true that chemicals might not cause any lasting damage, exposure to any toxic substance may result in stomach issues or worse. The best bed bug treatments are always the safest ones, which makes heat the perfect solution.

Bed Bugs Can’t Hide From It

Bed bugs are notorious for being able to squeeze into very small spaces, including cracks and crevices that a chemical may not reach. This is a big reason why a single chemical treatment often isn’t enough to take care of an infestation and why the best bed bug treatments are those that use heat. With a heat treatment, the temperature of your entire home is raised to a point where all of the bed bugs and their eggs will die. No matter where they hide, they won’t be able to avoid the heat.

Effective Against All Life Stages

Bed bugs go through a variety of life stages as they grow from an egg to adulthood. In fact, once a bed bug has hatched, it requires the ingestion of blood to move from one stage to the next. In addition to bed bugs that are able to hide from chemicals, eggs are often left unharmed, as well. What the eggs aren’t safe from is the increase in temperature to the environment, which once again makes heat the best bed bug treatments.

Avoids Insecticide Resistance

Resistance to chemicals occurs when insects have been exposed, don’t perish, and then have offspring. Those offspring will often find themselves more resistant to not only the chemical that was used on their parents but also related chemicals, too. But, try as they might, bed bugs cannot build up any kind of resistance to the use of heat. Unless evolution takes a sudden leap, they will forever have a temperature threshold.

McDonald Pest Control Will Help You Eradicate Bed Bugs

McDonald Pest Control provides the best bed bug treatment available in Florida. In fact, all of our methods involving pest control in Clearwater have earned us a reputation of professionalism and excellence. If you’re in need of bed bug services in Clearwater or have any questions, call (727) 734-0963 for a free, no-obligation evaluation.