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Bed bugs are a major pest control concern and their populations have dramatically risen over the last decade. A bed bug infestation must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for professionals that will eliminate bed bugs from your home, you have come to the right place. Our staff is trained in using the only technology that kills 100% of bed bugs and bed bug eggs in one treatment. Services available now – Bed Bugs Seminole, Florida.

What Not To Do

Beds, sofas, chairs and other furniture can be treated for Bed Bugs. Throwing away your furniture can spread the Bed Bugs through your home making treatment more difficult.

Moving items from one room to another will help spread the Bed Bugs. Bed Bug eggs, babies, and young nymphs are not always visible to the naked eye. Many people move these items without realizing they are transporting the live Bed Bugs to another location. Keep things in place and call a professional.

Bed Bugs have become resistant to pesticides used. Keep in mind that spraying only works if you have sprayed each and every live Bed Bed bugs. That is virtually impossible since eggs and young nymphs are very difficult to see. Spraying everything you own with chemicals is also dangerous if not applied correctly. That is why treatment truly requires a professional company that is licensed to inspect and determine your treatment plan.

Bed Bug eggs and nymphs can be very hard to find. Additionally, they tend to nest and gather close to their food source which just happens to be where you sleep. Storing items underneath beds or other furniture only provides more cryptic locations for Bed Bugs to nest, lay eggs and hide.

We realize that discovering you have Bed Bugs can be devasting for some. Our staff is dedicated to helping you no matter how major or minor the level of infestation is. Our motto is to help you stay calm and get you immediate assistance. There are options that can rid your home or business of Bed Bugs in only ONE DAY. Our staff is trained and dedicated to getting you through this as quickly as possible. Call us for more information and let us help.

What To Do

Once you discover you have Bed Bugs, make sure you act swiftly and contact a professional. The longer you wait, the more they will reproduce and suddenly you go from 5 Bed Bugs to thousands. The more Bed Bugs, the harder to treat.

Adult Bed Bugs are fairly easy to identify. If you are not sure, try taking a picture of the bug and test it directly to us at 727-315-0224. In most cases, we can identify with just a picture of the insect. If you are not able to take a picture, then take a piece of tape and tap the bug on one side, place the bug inside a ziplock bag and call our office to schedule an inspection. 727-734-0963

Bed Bugs tend to nest in any small cracks, corners, and places that are normally not disturbed daily. Clutter provides a perfect environment for Bed Bugs to hide, reproduce and spread throughout the home. Clear up clutter as best as possible, as this will make it easier to treat.

The fast way to get rid of Bed Bugs is to schedule an inspection with a professional company that is experienced and licensed to treat Bed Bugs. McDonald Pest Control has been treating bedbugs for over ten years. We are licensed, insured and have treated over 5,000 locations successfully. Call to get your home or business successfully treated.

Once a positive ID of Bed Bugs has been confirmed, you must begin to prepare for your treatment. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get resolve. Preparing for treatment is extremely important and is necessary for obtaining 100% success. Contact us for additional information and help.


Bed Bugs Seminole

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Moving heat with high-velocity fans is key in providing thorough saturation with a heat treatment.

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Effective treatments require placement of heaters is precise locations to ensure complete saturation.

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Safe application of heat must be provided to all electronics in the home by a professional to ensure safe and effective treatment.